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Fellowship Coumputers Computer Users ICUFR ICUFR ICUFR ICUFR
Proposed Culture Hawaiian and Polynesian Cultural HPCF
Fellowship Culture Italian Culture ICWRF ICWRF
Fellowship Culture Latin Culture LCRF LCRF
Fellowship Culture Magna Graecia MG MG
Fellowship Culture Pre-Columbian Civilizationsk PCC
Proposed Food Beer Admiration IFBA
Fellowship Food Gourmets RG RG
Fellowship Earth Environment EFR EFR EFR EFR
Proposed Earth Mapping & GIS IFMGIS
Fellowship Game Chess ICFOR ICFOR
Fellowship Game Go GPFR GPFR
Proposed Game Puzzles IFPR
Fellowship History Rotary Global History RGHF RGHF RGHF
Fellowship History Rotary Heritage and History RHH RHH
Proposed Hobby Amateur Astronomy IFRAA IFRAA IFRAA IFRAA
Fellowship Hobby Amateur Radio IFROAR IFROAR IFROAR
Fellowship Hobby Antique Automobiles ACHAFR ACHAFR
Fellowship Hobby Bird Watching IFBR IFBR
Fellowship Hobby Carnival IFCPF IFCPF
Fellowship Hobby Doll Lovers DLF DLF
Fellowship Hobby Geocaching IFGR IFGR IFGR
Fellowship Hobby License Plate Collecting LCP
Fellowship Hobby Quilters and Fiber Artists RQFA RQFA RQFA
Fellowship Hobby Railroads IFRR IFRR
Fellowship Hobby Rotary on Stamps ROSF ROSF
Fellowship Hobby Scouting IFSR IFSR IFSR
Proposed Hobby Trekking IFTR
Fellowship Language Esperanto RADE RADE
Proposed Music Dancing IFD IFD IFD
Fellowship Music Jazz RJ RJ
Fellowship Music Music IFRM IFRM IFRM
Proposed Networking eClubs REF REF REF
Fellowship Networking Internet ROTI ROTI ROTI ROTI
Fellowship Networking Rotary Means Business RMB RMB RMB RMB
Fellowship Networking Singles RSF RSF RSF
Fellowship Networking Social Networks ROSNF ROSNF ROSNF ROSNF
Fellowship Publication Authors and Writers RIFOAW RIFOAW RIFOAW
Proposed Publication Comic Book Collecting IFCBC
Fellowship Publication Editors and Publishers IFREP IFREP
Proposed Publication Intellectual Property IFIP
Fellowship Publication Literacy Providers LTP LTP
Fellowship Publication Old and Rare Books RORB RORB
Fellowship Sport Canoeing IFOCR IFOCR IFOCR
Fellowship Sport Cricket IFCR IFCR IFCR
Fellowship Sport Curling ICURFR ICURFR
Fellowship Sport Cycling IFCS IFCS IFCS
Fellowship Sport Fishing FRF FRF FRF
Fellowship Sport Flying IFFR IFFR IFFR
Fellowship Sport Golf IGFR IGFR
Fellowship Sport Horseback Riding HR
Proposed Sport Ice Hockey IHFR IHFR
Fellowship Sport Marathon Running MR MR
Fellowship Sport Motorcycling IFMR IFMR IFMR
Fellowship Sport Scuba Diving IFRSD IFRSD
Fellowship Sport Shooting Sports RSS RSS RSS
Fellowship Sport Tennis ITFR ITFR
Fellowship Sport Wellness and Fitness RWFF
Fellowship Sport Yachting IYFR IYFR IYFR
Fellowship Travel Caravanning ICFR ICFR
Fellowship Travel Convention Goers IFORCG IFORCG
Proposed Travel Holiday Properties IFHPF
Fellowship Travel Home Exchange RHE RHE
Proposed Travel Mountain Gorilla Trackin FMGTR
Fellowship Travel Recreational Vehicles RVF RVF
Proposed Travel Safari IFS
Fellowship Travel Travel Agents RTA RTA
Fellowship Travel Travel and Hosting ITHF ITHF
Proposed Vocation Chartered Accountant CPAF
Fellowship Vocation Doctors IFRD IFRD
Proposed Vocation Film Producers IFFP
Fellowship Vocation Honorary Consuls HC
Fellowship Vocation Lawyers RL RL RL
Fellowship Vocation Magicians RM RM
Fellowship Vocation Past District Governors PDG PDG
Fellowship Vocation Photographers IFRP IFRP IFRP
Fellowship Vocation Police and Law Enforcement POLEPFR POLEPFR POLEPFR
Fellowship Vocation Total Quality Management RTQM RTQM
Total fellowships found = 80

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